Hisense U8H Google TV Review: Bright, Powerful and Affordable

The Hisense U8H is a premium 4K ULED smart TV boasting Quantum Dot technology. It offers a high dynamic range with full-array local dimming for superior contrast.

As a leading-edge television from Hisense, the U8H model captivates viewers with its vivid picture clarity and immersive sound quality, courtesy of Dolby Atmos. With a sleek design that complements any living space, this TV is not just a viewing device but an aesthetic addition to modern homes.

The U8H integrates seamlessly with smart home systems, offering voice control and a user-friendly interface that enhances the user experience. It stands out in the competitive market with its advanced gaming features and connectivity options, making it an attractive choice for both cinephiles and gamers alike. Perfect for those who value a cinematic experience in the comfort of their own home, the Hisense U8H is a testament to the brand’s commitment to quality and innovation.

Hisense U8h Series Sizes

Explore the Hisense U8H series, offering crisp visual entertainment across multiple screen sizes to fit any room. Tailor your viewing experience with this series, available in dimensions sure to match your space and lifestyle needs.

Hisense U8h Series Sizes
Hisense U8h Series Sizes

Hisense U8h Series Overview

Let’s talk about visual entertainment stepping into the next level with the Hisense U8H series, where cutting-edge technology merges with sleek design to enhance any living space. These TVs provide a premium viewing experience, with quantum dot color and ULED advancements delivering vibrant images that are hard to look away from.

You’ll find that the U8H series triumphs in versatility, offering different sizes to cater to various room dimensions and personal preferences.

Hisense understands that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to televisions. Therefore:

  • 55-inch Model: Perfect for modestly sized living rooms or larger bedrooms, offering a big screen experience without overpowering the space.
  • 65-inch Model: Striking the balance between cinematic immersion and practicality, this size is a favorite for family rooms.
  • 75-inch Model: For those who crave a theater-like atmosphere at home, this large canvas brings movies and games to life in stunning detail.

Embracing the various sizes within the U8H series ensures there’s a match for everyone, whether you’re outfitting a cozy loft or a spacious lounge.

Display Features

Diving into the display features of the U8H series, we see where Hisense really flexes its technological muscle. Every screen is a window to astonishing clarity and color:

  • Quantum Dot Technology: Witness a spectrum of colors that can only be described as true-to-life, courtesy of this advanced feature.
  • ULED Enhancements: With improved dynamic range and motion, the U8H series is poised to deliver smoother and more vibrant visuals.

This caliber of visual performance turns every viewing session into a spectacle, from the explosive action of summer blockbusters to the delicate hues of a nature documentary.

Hisense U8h Design And Build

The Hisense U8H stands out with a sleek, modern design complemented by a sturdy build quality. Its minimalist aesthetics are anchored by a slim bezel and an elegantly simple stand that supports the display effortlessly.

The Hisense U8H is a testament to the company’s dedication to quality and aesthetics, offering a design that effortlessly complements any modern living space. As we delve into the details, you’ll find that the U8H is a shining example of premium craftsmanship that doesn’t break the bank.

Aesthetic Appeal:

The Hisense U8H doesn’t just perform well, it looks the part, too. Its sleek frame is a nod to modern design principles, boasting clean lines and an uncluttered facade that should seamlessly blend with your decor. The minimalist bezels ensure an immersive viewing experience, with more screen and less distraction.

Whether mounted on the wall or standing on its elegant stand, this television is more than a tech piece – it’s a design statement.

Robust Stand And Mounting Options:

  • Stand Stability: The sturdy central stand ensures that the U8H stands firm on any surface, providing a reliable foundation for your viewing pleasure.
  • Wall Mounting Ease: For those who prefer a wall-mounted setup, the Hisense U8H accommodates with standard VESA mount compatibility, simplifying the installation process.

Material Quality And Durability:

The build quality of the Hisense U8H is something to marvel at. Composed of high-grade materials, the television feels robust and well-constructed. This dedication to durability ensures that the U8H isn’t just about the looks; it’s built to withstand the rigors of daily use without compromising its sleek appearance.

Thanks to the meticulous attention to construction, users can expect an enduring entertainment hub.

Attention To Detail In Design:

  • Remote Control Ergonomics: The remote control is thoughtfully designed with ergonomics in mind, giving users a comfortable and intuitive navigation experience.
  • Port Accessibility: The careful placement of ports and connectors makes for hassle-free plug-ins, thereby enhancing user convenience and maintaining the TV’s streamlined design.

Through meticulous design choices and emphasis on build quality, the Hisense U8H merges elegance with practicality, making it a worthy centerpiece of any entertainment setup. Its appeal lies not only in its picture quality but also in the overall experience created by its thoughtful construction.

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Hisense U8h – The Remote

The Hisense U8H’s remote complements its cutting-edge smart TV features with intuitive design. Sleek and user-friendly, this remote enhances your viewing experience by providing seamless control over your Hisense U8H’s powerful technology.

: An Engineering Marvel?

Discovering that the right remote can elevate your viewing experience as much as the TV itself is a revelation. The Hisense U8H TV comes with a remote designed to embrace both functionality and user-friendliness.

Design And Ergonomics

  • Form Factor: Its sleek, modern design fits comfortably in the hand, complementing the aesthetic of the television with its slim profile.
  • Button Layout: Thoughtfully arranged for intuitive navigation, the buttons are tactile and responsive, minimizing the need for aimless searching.

The seamless integration of the remote’s form with its function ensures a comfortable user experience for all ages.

Smart Features

The remote that comes with the Hisense U8H is not just a tool to change channels; it’s a gateway to an interconnected smart home.

  • Voice Control Integration: Equipped with voice command capabilities, it works hand in hand with popular voice assistants for effortless operation.
  • One-touch Access: Shortcut buttons to streaming services bring your favorite content to the screen with a single press, reflecting the needs of the modern viewer.

This modern marvel adapts to your lifestyle, making it more than just an accessory, but rather an extension of your tech-savvy world.

Connectivity And Compatibility

  • Bluetooth Technology: The remote’s Bluetooth connectivity means no more pointing directly at the TV. Whether you’re snuggled under a blanket or in another part of the room, the remote responds.
  • Universal Control: It’s capable of commanding other devices, reducing clutter and fumbling between different remotes.

In essence, the remote for the Hisense U8H exemplifies the pinnacle of convenience, crafted to make life simpler and your entertainment experience more enjoyable.

Hisense U8h Software And Ui

The Hisense U8H integrates a user-friendly interface, ensuring a seamless navigation experience for its viewers. Powered by an intuitive software system, the TV offers quick access to streaming services and apps, enhancing the entertainment experience.

Hisense U8h Software And Ui
Hisense U8h Software And Ui

: A Seamless Experience

Discovering the nuances of the Hisense U8H’s software and user interface (UI) reveals an experience designed to blend sophistication with simplicity. The U8H operates on the highly intuitive VIDAA U platform, which emphasizes ease of use without compromising on features.

Vidaa U Interface: Streamlined For Simplicity

  • Customizable Home Screen: Personalize your viewing experience with a home screen you can tailor to suit your preferences, providing quick access to frequently used apps and channels.
  • Effortless Navigation: The UI is crafted for an effortless navigation, where content discovery feels natural, and favorite apps are always within easy reach.
  • Remote Control Integration: The included remote pairs seamlessly with the interface, offering voice control capabilities that further enhance the user experience.

Moving within the VIDAA U ecosystem, you’ll find responsiveness and fluidity are central to the interaction. The menu system is uncomplicated, categories are logically placed, and transitions between different applications and settings are visually coherent.

Smart Features: Enhancing Your Entertainment

Hisense U8H isn’t just about picture quality; its smart features significantly elevate the overall viewing pleasure. The TV comes equipped with a host of functionalities that cater to modern viewing habits.

  • Voice Commands: Command your TV with your voice, and enjoy a hands-free operation that perfectly complements the smart home ecosystem.
  • App Integration: Choose from a wide array of apps available on the platform, including popular streaming services, ensuring there’s always something to watch.
  • Automatic Updates: Stay up-to-date with automatic firmware updates that enhance features, improve performance, and introduce new apps.

The smart features of the U8H serve to ensure that your entertainment system is future-proof, always evolving with the advancing digital landscape. The ease with which one can access new content and manage current subscriptions places Hisense U8H at the forefront of connected home entertainment.

Engaging with the Hisense U8H’s Software and UI is an exercise in intuitive interaction. With its combination of simple layouts and advanced features, the U8H stands out as a smart TV that’s both accessible and equipped to entertain.

Hisense U8h Picture Quality

The Hisense U8H boasts a stunning 4K ULED display that delivers exceptional contrast and vivid colors. Its advanced full-array local dimming enhances the viewing experience with deeper blacks and brighter highlights.

Hisense U8h Picture Quality
Hisense U8h Picture Quality

The Hisense U8H sets the bar high for picture quality in its class, showcasing a display that brings a cinematic touch right into the living room. Combining impressive brightness, color, and contrast capabilities, this TV elevates the viewing experience to new heights.

Peak Brightness And Contrast

It’s the interplay of light and shadow on screen that truly captivates an audience, and the Hisense U8H doesn’t disappoint. The television harnesses:

  • Full-array local dimming technology: This allows for precise control over backlighting, giving deep blacks and radiant whites.
  • Enhanced peak brightness: Viewers can enjoy a luminous picture even in well-lit rooms, thanks to the TV’s ability to deliver intense highlights.

Color Reproduction And Accuracy

Engaging visuals are born from a tapestry of colors that are both vibrant and true to life. The Hisense U8H stands out with its color performance, characterized by:

  • Wide color gamut: The TV covers a broad spectrum, bringing out nuances and subtleties in every scene.
  • Quantum dot technology: Ensuring that colors aren’t only wide-ranging but also strikingly accurate and full of life.

Motion Handling And Upscaling

Life doesn’t stand still, and neither should the images on your screen. The Hisense U8H makes motion appear smoother, whether you’re watching sports or action-packed movies:

  • Advanced motion rate: The fluidity with which this TV handles rapid movement keeps viewers locked into the action without experiencing blur.
  • Powerful upscaling engine: Enjoy older content with a new sense of clarity, as the TV improves lower-resolution images to match its native display capabilities.

Hdr Performance

In a world where high dynamic range content is becoming the norm, the Hisense U8H rises to the occasion by:

  • Supporting multiple HDR formats: Compatibility with HDR10, Dolby Vision, and HLG ensures that movies and shows look stunning and as the creator intended.
  • Dynamic tone mapping: The TV dynamically adjusts to optimize the picture scene-by-scene, delivering a richer, more immersive visual experience.

With its impeccable ability to showcase detailed shadows, brilliant highlights, and true-to-life colors, the Hisense U8H is a testament to what modern television technology can achieve. The balance of these features makes it not just a screen, but a window into realms of extraordinary visuals.

Hisense U8h Gaming Performance

The Hisense U8H offers exceptional gaming performance, delivering crisp visuals with its advanced display technology. Gamers will revel in the TV’s low input lag and smooth refresh rates, enhancing their immersive experience.

Hisense U8h Gaming Performance
Hisense U8h Gaming Performance

Hisense U8h – A Gamer’s Delight

Delving into the world of gaming with Hisense U8H is akin to stepping into a new dimension, where each detail bursts forth in vibrant color and swift responsiveness. Let’s unpack the features that make this TV a top contender for gaming enthusiasts seeking immersion and performance.

Impeccable Visual Fidelity

The U8H is not your average screen – it’s a portal to gaming realms rendered in exquisite detail:

  • Quantum Dot Color: With this technology, gamers experience a spectrum of colors that bring virtual worlds to life, more vividly than ever before.
  • Full Array Local Dimming: This contributes to deeper blacks and striking contrast, allowing for a more nuanced depiction of dark scenes, essential for atmospheric games.
  • Peak Brightness: Ensuring that the bright spots in games shine with intensity, the peak brightness feature adds a dynamic flair to in-game explosions and lighting effects.

Ultra-low Input Lag

Gamers demand a setup that respects the sanctity of split-second reactions:

  • Input Lag: With an exceptionally low input lag, the Hisense U8H ensures that the time between pressing a button and seeing the action on screen is minimal, which is crucial for competitive gaming.
  • Game Mode Pro: Activating this mode unlocks the full potential of the TV’s gaming performance, fine-tuning the settings for the ultimate play experience.
  • Variable Refresh Rate (VRR): This helps in achieving smooth gameplay by dynamically adjusting the screen’s refresh rate to match the output of the gaming console, eliminating screen tearing and stuttering.

Optimized For Next-gen Consoles

The Hisense U8H has been thoughtfully designed to serve as a match made in heaven for the latest gaming consoles:

  • High Frame Rate Support: The TV is capable of handling high frame rates, which is a boon for next-gen consoles that offer games running at 60fps and beyond, resulting in buttery smooth action sequences.
  • Enhanced Audio Return Channel (eARC): With eARC support, the U8H can send high-quality audio to a sound system without any loss in sound fidelity, perfect for gaming soundscapes that demand precise and immersive audio.

Versatility And Connectivity

Keeping gamers connected and versatile, the Hisense U8H stands out with:

  • Multiple HDMI Ports: Offering several HDMI 2.1 ports means you can have multiple devices connected without the need to swap cables continually.
  • Smart Features: Beyond gaming, the U8H doubles as a smart hub with built-in apps and streaming services, allowing for downtime entertainment after an intense gaming session.
  • Wi-Fi 6 Compatibility: To ensure that online gaming sessions are free of lag, the U8H is compatible with the latest Wi-Fi 6 standard, promoting faster and more stable internet connectivity.

Gaming on the Hisense U8H is a holistic experience that covers visual excellence, responsive performance, and future-proof features. As TVs continue to bridge the gap between traditional television and gaming excellence, the U8H positions itself as a formidable screen that attracts serious gamers who cherish quality and fluidity in their gaming sessions.

Hisense U8h Audio Quality

The Hisense U8H delivers an impressive audio experience with its built-in speakers, ensuring clear and immersive sound. Enhanced with advanced sound technologies, this TV provides a rich auditory performance that complements its vivid display.

Hisense U8h Audio Quality
Hisense U8h Audio Quality

Hisense U8h – Uncompromising Audio Quality

In the realm of television, impeccable sound is just as pivotal as vibrant visuals. The Hisense U8H doesn’t shy away from this truth, offering an auditory experience that complements its stunning display. Let’s delve into the audio features that make the Hisense U8H a standout model.

Integrated Speaker System

The integrated speaker system of the Hisense U8H is more than just a spec on its datasheet; it’s the lifeline of your viewing experience:

  • Two-way design: The television boasts a powerful two-way speaker design that ensures clarity and richness in sound, whether you’re enjoying a cinematic action sequence or the subtleties of a dialogue-heavy drama.
  • Dolby Atmos support: With Dolby Atmos, the Hisense U8H immerses you in a three-dimensional soundscape, providing a sense of audio depth and precision that turns your living room into a personal theater.

Sound Customization Features

Diving into the Hisense U8H’s sound settings reveals an array of customization options:

  • Equalizer settings: The simplified user interface allows you to tweak the equalizer settings to your liking, offering personalized sound for every genre of entertainment.
  • Audio enhancement modes: Whether you’re after bone-rattling bass or crisp high notes, the Hisense U8H comes equipped with various audio modes to enhance your listening experience depending on the content.

Acoustic Performance

A television’s acoustic performance is crucial to its overall appeal, and the U8H’s is engineered to impress:

  • Volume consistency: The U8H automatically adjusts volume levels to maintain consistency, eliminating the annoyance of sudden loud commercials or quiet dialogue scenes.
  • Rich bass and clear dialogue: Thanks to its sophisticated speaker configuration, the model provides a balanced audio profile with a focus on delivering rich bass tones and crystal-clear dialogue.

User Feedback On Audio Quality

Pouring over user reviews and feedback, it’s clear that the Hisense U8H’s audio quality resonates with audiences:

  • Positive user evaluations: Owners of the Hisense U8H frequently praise the television for its sound quality, often highlighting the immersive experience provided by its Dolby Atmos compatibility.
  • Satisfaction with integrated speakers: Many users have expressed satisfaction with the performance of the integrated speakers, noting that the need for an external sound system is not as pressing as with other models.

Crafting an engaging listening environment, the Hisense U8H stands as a testament to Hisense’s commitment to delivering excellence in both visual and aural aspects of home entertainment.

Frequently Asked Questions On Hisense U8h

What Are The Disadvantages Of Hisense Tv?

Hisense TVs may offer less vibrant colors than premium brands. Some models have poorer contrast ratios, affecting picture depth. Their smart interfaces can lag behind competitors’ speed and ease of use. Limited high-end options mean fewer choices for advanced technology seekers.

Is Hisense U8hq Good For Gaming?

Yes, the Hisense U8HQ is good for gaming, offering a low input lag and high refresh rate for a smooth experience.

What Is The Most Common Problem With Hisense Tv?

The most common problem with Hisense TVs is software issues, leading to smart functionality glitches and app crashes.

When Was The Hisense U8h Released?

The Hisense U8H was released in June 2022.


Wrapping up, the Hisense U8H stands as a strong contender in the world of premium televisions. Its impressive display and smart features make it a smart purchase for discerning viewers. It promises a viewing experience that’s both immersive and accessible, striking a balance between quality and value that’s hard to match.

Don’t miss this gem in the high-end TV landscape.

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